What's An ASC?

Ambulatory Surgery Centers—known as ASCs—are modern health care facilities focused on providing same-day surgical care, including diagnostic and preventive procedures.

You Have a Choice.

We believe patients deserve more choices when it comes to surgery.

Everyone should have access to local and personalized healthcare. By focusing on remaining efficient and maintaining high standards of quality care, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, like Specialty Surgical Center of Encino, provide the best outpatient surgical experience possible at a lower cost. When considering the alternatives, who wouldn't choose that? Watch the video to learn more, then ask your physician about Specialty Surgical Center of Encino.

Why Choose An ASC?


Clinical excellence.

Over 50% of ASCs nationwide have an infection rate of 0%.

All healthcare facilities in the United States are highly regulated to ensure quality care and patient safety. Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) are no exception to this rule. Our facilities are independently regulated by processes including state licensure, voluntary accreditation, and Medicare certification. Studies show this attention to quality enables ASCs to outperform hospitals when it comes to clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Learn More...


Efficient. Money-saving.

Choosing an ASC can save some patients up to 50% in out-of-pocket expenses.

ASCs work to provide the best surgical experience possible at a lower cost to patients. Because they are more efficient when it comes to same-day surgery, patients typically pay less co-insurance at an ASC for the same procedure received in a hospital setting. And patients don't have to wait to see the savings; in an effort to make pricing more transparent, cost information is generally available to patients prior to surgery.Learn More...


Accessible. Time-saving.

Over 70% of all ASC procedures start within seven minutes of schedule.

There are over 5,000 ASCs across the country, and with each one comes more patient choice. As the industry grows, so does the list of both outpatient surgeries and non-surgical procedures available to patients in a local, personalized ASC setting. And because of physician ownership in ASCs, scheduling of facilities and resources becomes more efficient, which means fewer surgery delays for patients. Learn More...

Why our patients choose Knowles Surgery Center:

  • Some of our patients pay up to 50% less in out-of-pocket expense for the same surgical procedure than they would at a local hospital.
  • Patients can conveniently access registration, waiting rooms, surgical suites and recovery rooms, all in the same location. 
  • With a cross-infection rate of less than 0.1%, our patients are able to heal quickly and get back to their lives. 
  • Being smaller than an acute-care hospital allows us to really tend to our patients, giving them a relaxed, friendly environment to rest in and recuperate.
  • All surgeries at Knowles Surgery Center are scheduled, so your procedure will never be delayed due to an emergency surgery.
  • Because of our surgery schedule, we know exactly how many staff members we need to serve our patients each day. Never being understaffed means we can truly focus on our patients.